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Contact Our Directors

You may communicate with any of our directors, including the Lead Independent Director, by writing to them c/o Margaret M. Madden, Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary, Chief Governance Counsel at Pfizer Inc., 66 Hudson Boulevard East,
New York, NY, 10001-2192.

Alternatively, you may communicate with any of our directors via email, through our Lead Independent Director, or you may communicate via email with the Audit Committee Chair (both of whom are independent, non-employee directors of the company).

Communications may be distributed to all directors, or to any individual director, as appropriate, depending on the facts and circumstances. In that regard, the Board of Directors has requested that certain items that are unrelated to the duties and responsibilities of the Board should be excluded and will not be responded to from this e-mail address. Such items include, but are not limited to:

In addition, material that is unduly hostile, threatening, illegal, or otherwise unsuitable will be excluded; however, any communication that is excluded will be made available to any independent, non-employee director upon request.

Contact Us

To answer the many questions we receive about our company and our products, we offer detailed information about common areas of interest on our website. Please visit Contact Us/Support.